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The AAABA Hall of Fame was established in 1994 to recognize the outstanding players and contributors to the AAABA tournament. The inaugural class was inducted during a small ceremony at the Sunnehanna Country Club. Since then, the annual induction ceremony has grown from a small banquet to a celebration attended by hundreds. The annual Hall of Fame banquet is now held at the Johnstown Pasquerilla Convention Center just blocks away from the Point Stadium. To date, 83 individuals have been inducted in to the Hall of Fame.

Click on the players name for more information about their career. Not all Hall of Fame inductees may have a weblink available.












Inaugural Class – 1994 

George Arcurio Jr. (c)

Walter W. Krebs (c)

Glenn L. Martin (c)

Olin Taylor (c)

Frank Torre (p)

Louis “Rags” Scheuermann (m)  


Class of 1995 

Roger Bowman (p)

Joe Branzell (c)

George S. Cooper (c)

Charles Fitzgerald (c)

Terrance McGovern (c)

Leslie Weigle (c)


Class of 1996 

Michael Adray (c)

Tom Checkush (c)

Rev. Ken Keiper (m)

Pete Vuckovich (p)

Robert J. Wolfe (c)  


Class of 1997 

Edward W. Brooks (c)

Frank Kostro (p)

James McElroy Jr. (m)

Steve Mura (p)

Edward Schultz (c) 


Class of 1998 

George Bulger (c)

William Feritta (c)

Gene Pentz (p)

Ron Swoboda (p)

Walter Youse (m)


Class of 1999 

Mark Fidrych (p)

Milan Gjurich (c)

Ernie Oravetz (p)

C. James Wright (c)

Dino Zarella (c) 



Class of 2000 

Jim Abbott (p)

George Arcurio III (c)

John Austin Jr. (c)

Steven Goisovich (c)

Vincent Lorenzo (c)


Class of 2001 

Dennis Grenell (c)

Dr. Robert Hartnett (c)

Dr. Anthony Salem (p)

Roger Tremaine (c)

Walter Whitehurst (p) 



Class of 2002 

Dr. Henry LaRoca (c)

Pamela Mayer (c)

John P. Murtha (c)

David Niro (c)

Chris Sabo (p) 


Class of 2003

Jesse Isenberg (c)

Marshall “Jake” Jacobs (c)

Stanley “Stush” Stetz (c)

Harry Startzell (m)  


Class of 2004

George Azar (p)

Dr. John Carlisle (c)

Raymond A Peleteri (c)

Arthur A Bellone (c)

Charles “Chuck” Faris (m)

Robert W. Slammon (c) 


Class of 2005

Matt Galante (p)

Clay Harshberger Jr. (c)

Ronald McDonald (c)

Wally Dunford (p) 


Class of 2006

John Lawler (c)

Dominic Leone (c)

Anthony Leone (c)

Vincent Leone (c)

Doug Pollock (m)

Mike Mastovich (c)


Class of 2007 

Mike Holtz (p)

Tim Rigby (c)

Joe Scheuermann (m)

Jim Monin (p) 


Class of 2008

Dee Dee Osborne (m)

Ruben Amaro Jr. (p)

Wayne Pietri (p)  



 Class of 2009

Dean Albany (p,m)

Tom Yewcic (p)

John James (c )

Robert Linkner (m)



Class of 2010

Tony Joseph (p,m)

Ray Rizzo (p)

Charles Blackburn (c)  



Class of 2011

Jack McKeon (p)

Bill McKeon (p)

Ron Ling (p)

Bob Mingo (m,c)

Tom Walter (p)



Class of 2012

Randy Mazey (p)

Mark Critz (c)

Ottoviano "Tovie" Asarese (c)


Class of 2013

John O'Brien (p)

Ed O'Brien (p)

Ross Kott (p)

Len Diforte (c)

Joe Scaletta (c)  


Class of 2014

Keith Williams (p)

Mike Sube (p)

Jacob St. Clair (c)

Lou Tiberi (c) 


Class of 2015

Mike Moore (p)

Chris DelSignore (p,m)

Joe Carbone (p,m)

Sam Ross Jr. (c) 

Class of 2016

Joe Vitko (p)

Rick Britt (p)

Charley Garivaltis  (p)

Dick Burgo (m) 



C = Contributor  M = Manager  P = Player